Antonio Vivaldi: spring

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Antonio Vivaldi: Spring

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (March 4, 1678 in Venice, † 28 July 1741 in Vienna) was a Venetian composer and violinist in the Baroque.

The Four Seasons (Le quattro stagioni Italian) is perhaps the most famous works of Antonio Vivaldi. It's four violin concertos with extra-musical programs, each portraying a concert season. This is the individual concerts one - probably written by Vivaldi himself - Sonnet preceded by consecutive letters in front of the lines and in the appropriate places in the score arrange the verbal description of the music.

Vivaldi had previously always been experimenting with non-musical programs, which often reflected in his tracks, the exact interpretation of the individual points score is unusual for him. His experience as a virtuoso violinist allowed him access to particularly effective playing techniques, as an opera composer, he had developed a strong sense of effects, both of which benefitted from him.

As the title suggests, especially to imitate natural phenomena - gentle winds, severe storms and thunderstorms are elements that are common to all four concerts. There are also various birds and even a dog, further human activities such as hunting, a barn dance, ice skating, including stumbling and falling to the heavy sleep of a drunkard.

The work dates from 1725 and is available in two print editions, which appeared more or less simultaneously published in Amsterdam and Paris.

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