Picture Atlas Motorcycles: With more than 350 brilliant images

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Motorcycles are like no other means of transportation for the great dream of freedom and adventure. This richly illustrated atlas image portrayed in brilliant color photographs and informative text, the most famous bikes of the world's motorcycle history. From the primitive steam engine under the saddle of the late 19th Century up to the hugely powerful, equipped with the latest electronics and computer technology superbikes of today he is an impressive picture of the development and fabrication of noble and fast-paced motorcycles. The myth of the motorcycle is just as much investigated as a motorcycle as a modern lifestyle product of our time. Country-specific, company-historical background information and interesting stories and History about the people who preceded drove one of the seminal inventions of recent centuries and evolved, make this comprehensive illustrated book an incomparable reference for any motorcycle enthusiast and technology enthusiasts.

• Extensive history of the legendary models of all major motorcycle manufacturers worldwide
• With more than 350 brilliant color photographs and fascinating background information relating
• With informative drawings, stunning detail shots and explanatory info-boxes

content • 1817 1913: The beginning of a success story
• 1914 1945: mass mobility
• 1946 1990: Battle for the World Market
• In 1991: The modern motorcycle
• motorcycle cult object: From Transportation to Lifestyle

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category non-fiction
language german